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Volkswagen ID.2 will have a unified battery cel design

Posted: Tue Aug 31, 2021 9:36 pm
by Rob
The Volkswagen Group is in the process of introducing a unified battery cell design for the bulk of its future EV models, to help reduce production costs through greater economies of scale. But while the cells will be unified, the overall design will enable the use of differing battery cell materials.

The Volkswagen ID.2 will use lithium-iron-phosphate tech, which the Volkswagen Group estimates will be around 50% cheaper to make than current battery cells. Iron phosphate technology has limitations in terms of range and charging times, but Volkswagen Group bosses believe that is less of an issue given the typically fewer miles driven by entry-level city cars.

This new battery tech will help Volkswagen achieve a £17,000 starting price for the ID.2